[This is the story of George and Diana, two love-struck teens kept at a distance from each other by their doubts, denial and fears of love. They’ve tried to come together multiple times before but left nothing but ruin in each other’s paths. Both lovers have built up walls around themselves because of previous romantic misfortunes and therefore lack the ability to trust & open up to one another. But come and join them in this three-part poetry version of their story as they break down these walls, remove their disguises and see each other naked.

Will George admit how deep his love for Diana runs?
Will Diana let go of past scars and take another shot at love?
Who will see the risk as being too much and let happiness pass them by?]


It’s 3 a.m. in the morning,
my heart’s usual time of mourning.
I’m wrapped in all these covers but my body still feels cold,
So I snuggle a little tighter but somehow I still yearn for her body to hold.
I’ve been fighting this feeling for so many years now, with hopes that it would become old.
But love never dies, it only multiplies and that’s something I was never told.

I toss & turn because my body is filled with desire; it wants nothing but to be beside her.
So I shower to put out this fire but nothing could dampen my urge to be inside her.

I put on my clothes and start seeing illusions of her in my bed.
I don’t know why but she seems to be stuck in my head.
A part of me wishes I could stop loving her instead,
but it also knows that will only be possible once I’m dead.

It’s 6:30 a.m. and my morning routine is all done and set
so I wait for my transport to take me to where we first met.
When I arrive there and walk to my classroom to meet with my friends,
the thought that I might see her today slowly descends,
and I wonder if today is the day all this pride & denial finally ends
or is it another day of us playing ‘pretends’.

While walking up the stairs to my class I see her with some other guy
and in that moment my lungs shrivel up and release a gut-wrenching sigh.
So I pass by them, trying my best not to look or even pry
but then I notice her looking at me from the side of my eye.
She yearns for a greeting from me but I turn my back to her
as a sign that this means goodbye.

Fifteen minutes later and I still have her on my mind.
I’m trying my best to hold onto whatever excuse I can find,
to make me forget that she even exists,
but it’s all in vain because my heart still loves and persists.

Amid my internal conflict, the bell rings for assembly
and there’s agitation in the air.
Will she see me? Will I see her?
And if we do, will either one of us show that we are aware,
or will we look past each other like we are not there,
then wait for the other to look away and desperately stare.

Assembly comes to an end and as I leave I see her right in front of me.
So I sneak up behind her and grab her by her hand,
turn her around and look into her eyes,
then slowly begin to panic but proceed to say …

“Hey, how you doing?
I know this is out of the blue but screw it,
I know we’ve tried this communication thing before and both blew it,
but please meet with me at lunchtime today,
and hear all the words I’ve been dying to say.
I wish there was more time for me to explain,
why I’ve come back into your life again,
but I’ve got to get to class, so please do as I ask,
’cause I fear that this opportunity right here might be my last.”

Then she laughed and said, “George relax, it’s okay.
I look forward to hearing what you have to say.
I still can’t believe it took you so long to stop acting like a stranger,
but you know what they say, right? It’s better to do things now rather than later.
So don’t worry, I’ll be there.
But I’ve got to go too, so bye!”