This poem is dedicated to someone I met some time ago. He completed me and I loved him so much, I still do….pity he never knew how much he completes me. They fed him with lies and he believed.

It all felt so good
It felt like life-time happiness
Never knowing it was gonna turn into memories
So soon, we became memories
Which now always haunts your presence

It’s just tears and pain
The lies that coldly took you
Something I was not,
They claim I am
Thinking that you knew me better than them
Apparently you never did
You believed what they fed you
Pity they only fed you with lies and not how I was

Thinking of you
It just brings tears and pain
It hurts to know I no longer belong to your heart
Pity you still exist in mine
What we’ve shared will never fade

My tears will never dry
My broken heart will never mend
My love for you will never end
Without you it’s just tears and pain
I hardly face each day

The sleepless nights
The never ending pain
The broken heart
The unforgotten memories

Your absence pierces my heart
Every day, every night. . . .
You’re still the man my heart desires
Pity you never knew that
Its just tears and pain

Without you, I’m incomplete
Without your presence in my life
Nothing would ever fill your place