Afrika my land, Afrika my home
The home of the oppressed, the territory of the oppressor
Hear the sounds of a diverse culture,
Honour the lives of the deceased young lions
Breathe with the fresh and peaceful animals of Afrika
Remain faithful to the roots of Afrika,
Only if you are an African by inheritance and roots

The boarders of our continent are just there to segregate us,
Let us live to foresee beyond their shadow
And dream to break the circle of segregation;
For to unite as one to take on the world…
Afrika my home, Afrika my land…

Only if you could hear the sounds of Afrika,
Dance to them as an African
Relate to the ordinary stories of Afrika my land,
And yet smile to the relative of our African soil
I owe my being to the valleys, rivers and mountains of Afrika
See the diverse cultures of Afrika in me
From the deserts, dignified nature and yet it’s humane
I gain my strength as an African
Irrespective of the victimisation, and the struggles of Afrika
I remain proud to be an African
Afrika my land, a land that is too productive for the rich
And remains worthless to the poor
A land that sheltered the great leaders who once lived to liberate the oppressed

Afrika my land, Afrika my home…
A home to the slaved daughters and sons of the living
Afrika a land that is benevolent to all who live in
It is a land that many claim to own…
Nevertheless it remains a home to me
It is land that life has thrown everything to it,
But yet remains faithful to its cultures and diversity
Listen to the smoothly played music by the birds of our forests, be reconciled.
Remain calm and appreciative to the inheritance your forefathers left for you to live on

Afrika my land, a home whereby diseases have gained authority to claim lives
Oh! Afrika, people are dying to live in a classless society
Whereby one is not equal to the other
A land that once was fooled to think of it had gained its independence,
But yet the oppressor is ruling
Oh! Afrika, I fear for your future…
The boarders have turned us against one another
Today we remain Africans with our actions proving otherwise
The values and principles of Afrika remain dull to the world…
Because within us oppression and colonization continues

Through wars Africans are dying continuously…
With the oppressor as the fuel of our demise again
Our children are born to a pool of blood,
Whereby one is murdered by one of his kind
Yet we claim pride of being Africans?
Our so-called leaders are feeding their bellies at our blood’s expense
Today Pan-Africanism and Socialism have only lived on paper
But died in one’s hearts
Remember Afrika!
Remember the beats of my heart, the long way we have gone…
Are we Africans of words?
We need not to remain calm
But to liberate ourselves from mental slavery for ones to live on
Afrika my land, Afrika my home…
A nature reserve to the God created creatures that respect peace…