She is beautiful and has the ability
To leave everyone she meets on edge.
She knows how to keep the kettle
She doesn’t hesitate to look a gift
Horse in the mouth.
She knows that Rome was not built
In one day.

Only she knows of the blood, sweat, tears
And sacrifices it took for her to pick herself
Up and dust herself off all those times when
Life threw different circumstances in her

But don’t be fooled by the mask she wears
For she wears a thousand masks.
Behind her tough and hardened shell is
A bleeding heart
Full of pain and anger and hatred.
For her innocent eyes harbour secrets that
Could destroy the empire she has worked
So hard to build.

She is what you could call a rough diamond.
But don’t you fear, she has this under control.
She is not one to give up easily.
For she is a queen who takes pride in her worth.
She is the true definition of what it takes
To be a WOMAN.