I could exist with the stars, automatically I am the night beauty.
Living in pure flames.
When Beyonce said get in formation we surely
heard her.
Showing haters that life is a catwalk show.
And definitely we’re the models…the starrings.
Strutting in our heels and dramatic outfits.

And yes the hair had to be long so that when the wind catches it
it blows and waves on the air
signaling my existence.
The extraordinary vocabulary just comes with the package…
all wrapped in a pink bow.
We came with the unicorns…rare and only a few get a glimpse
of the beautiful sweep life.
Showing that life is just a photoshoot…posing
with every moment.

It’s fine it’s normal…it’s the beauty of magic
if you don’t catch it you will not get it.
Done explaining, time to dance and slay.
After all we’re all intelligent and definitely not out looking
for your acceptance because honey, we are colour
and colours just glisten without permission.