Give me 50% remain with 50%
Cos a relationship grows so slowly
But so steady and strong
Developing into a matured one.

It is hard to have a 100% relationship
Without ups and downs
But I will never go down
Nor my love break down
Just give me 50%

I will prove to you right
I will not let you down
It can’t be a perfect one
But it can be strong
So give me 50% and keep 50%

There is no 100% relationship
Where everything goes on smoothly
I promise to create a way smoothly
And to bury gullies and remove thorns on our way
And throw them away.

I will prove my kindness
And remain royal
Yes my Highness
Just give me 50%

You will give the other 50% later
Now enjoy your 50%
And see if I deserve
With all ways I will try
To get your other 50% – I will dream.
Currently give me 50%.