A dream, but not just any dream
To have a dream, a proper dream,
Does not mean you’ve nailed your future
A dream is characterized as an indicator to your life’s existence
A dream is when you find out that you don’t need any disturbance

A dream where you may end up feeling a smile on your face
A dream that is about to revive a perished vision
A dream that is about to take away oppression
A dream that makes you stronger than you were before

To be a positive dreamer means that definitely your legit life is coming
Some dreams may cause distractions, those kinds of dreams are uninvited
A dream that tells you that one day you are going to be what you want to be
A dream that makes you feel that sense of belonging
A dream that comes with measurable smiles is the perfect dream

Oh no, what a dream!
I wish I could dream again!