Our people tend not to be serious about their futures
Those who have an access to education are characterised as denialists
Those who are hungry for education
They don’t have access to go further
Oh, I am astonished because education is the most powerful weapon
to alleviate poverty.

How are we going to end this disgrace,
Whereby our youth do not see the need for education
Is it the way that things are meant to go on like this
Oh no, our forefathers were illiterate, it was not their intention
People tend to live the life that was back then
Why not us?
Change as time changes.

Oh, Messiah, help before they obtain forfeits
How are we going to redress those imbalances of the past
if we are still living under that static thinking
Logic philosophy is there for us,
Are we looking to bring back that great divide
Prove me wrong in writing something like this.