I lived, of the dust
To survive from the crust
My tatters, my friendly companion
Drowning in the tears of my veins
Drowning in seconds of the ticking clock.

Trudging upon cold winter nights
Toiling cold in the darkness
Crawling in the scotching summer nights
Roofless and foodless
Holding onto card-boxes, feeling their warmth as the
Morning savanna sunshine
Carefully drifting thoughts to the tomorrow,
That never dawned.

Pain and laughter bounced so well
Like in the spring digging a well
Ready to splash the warm waters of the earth
On my bare foot and sad hungry face
Gulping it sorrowfully through my dry mouth
Biting, each hard won food mercilessly.

But then I always felt it
Inside of me like an unborn child.
The days going past and never coming back
The hope subsiding, leaving me gulping for more.
And breath became scarce
My nostrils gasped and I gaped
It was all done, the grave soon to come
And to the dust I will return.