You brought me hope
You awakened my sleepy dreams
You woke the forgotten goals

I promised you nothing but happiness
but I myself am not happy
I’m learning and fighting
to be happy for your sake
I promised you a home
for I myself never had one
Will I live up to my promises?

You were born and
that was a wake-up call
I held you in my arms
and stared into your eyes
I knew I had to do better

You pushed me to better myself
for I am no longer living for me but for you
You encouraged me with your soft laughter
You eyes carries a message
Your eyes reminds me of promises I made

I am still fighting
I am still working things out
You are too beautiful for poverty
Oh hear me God
If not for me then for my daughter
give me strength to work harder and to do right
Open those closed doors
break the generational curse
If not for me, for
my bundle of hope