The land of Soweto has been
Through a lot
People backed down from what
They were taught…
They made a compact yet it wasn’t
Reached. Their concord was to
Fight for inequitable, sharing the
Same table…
They renounced from their livelihoods
And retained from their goal- fighting
For freedom.
Many made sacrifices, while time
Went by there were so many cries,
So many flies experienced oppression,
Not once or peradventure twice but it turned to be a casual thing.
Ooh my thought can’t contend the
Youth chose to arm and fight…
Day and night.. Not losing a sight.
There was an obstruction… Yet they
Didn’t wanton, but focus on their
They chose to march just three months
After March.
They fought for better education,
They took an action, even though
There was tribulation.

I have better education, have you?