Time heals
No matter how hurt you are
Just remember time heals
I know you’ve been betrayed
And been deceived so many times
But yet you’re still strong and brave

You trusted them as your family and friends
But they betrayed you
You were alone
Locking yourself in your bedroom
With lights off, because you wanted to be alone
And listen to your mind and heart
They called you names saying you are a “bitch”
But still you never gave up

You hold pills in your hand
Wanting to kill yourself
Because you have had enough of these cruel people
You were told that you were nothing without them
Yet you stayed strong
You were told you wouldn’t achieve
Yet you stayed quiet
Because you knew your motto
Time heals no matter what
Even when it takes time
But you always had hope
Because your parents
Taught you
What kind of people we have in this world

You stood up and cleaned yourself
You told yourself that no matter how hurt you have been
You will never give up
You should be proud of yourself
Good things take time to happen like
“Love takes time to heal when you hurt so much”
Same applies no matter what
Everything will change
Time heals.