In this period of Corona
Some have died, some affected
And some are still alive and healthy,
Some are praying, others weeping but not rejoicing

It is a period of Quarantine
Follow the rules, the best precaution is to stay in,
Pay no one a visit, a measure to keep your household safe,
Enforced isolation for health reasons,
So we miss the academic, basketball and football seasons

A period of unfriendship
It forbids the act of shaking hands,
Denies us hugging our friends,
Texts and calls they say are enough to show concern,
Parties are banned so I can’t see Willtee dance

Call it the reminder period!
Christians once far away now draw nigh to God,
Read Psalms and cry David’s cry,
How much better it would be if this was our daily lifestyle,
God doesn’t always want a call for help.
A call of praise, a call of greeting is desired too

It is a period soon to be over
For the sinners have prayed and the Lord shall have pity.
Weep no more, for soon we shall get outdoors,
And the Lord shall be praised forevermore.