Group of young boys
Nice, loud, supportive friends
Who like to open rap battle
Whenever they’re bored at school

It’s rare to find them in trouble
Because they are not always involved
In weird stuff at school
They like to joke and laugh
It’s really cool to hang out with them.

AmaKruger are creative
Art is what’s on their mind
They write and record good stuff
They always lift each other up
They are always together
When they arrive at school
You’ll find them waiting for each other
In the graveyard
Doing their own salutations
And hugging each other.

During break time they’re always together
Doing their salutations
Walking around school
They’ll do their salutations
After school when they walk together
To catch a taxi
They’ll do their salutations
And still hang out together
For long periods of time
Before they can actually go home
That’s what is called love.

AmaKruger is us,
Me and my friends
Up to the support bafethu
One love. Awe.