I was born in a dusty location,
Out of here would be my salvation.
I see pictures of my vivid future
But still stuck in this ominous present.
I was born without a silver spoon in my mouth.
I was blessed with my chocolate skin.

Poverty ensured I had company from pain.
Tears were dried drawing my sorrows like a black pen.
My soul was shattered into a million pieces.
I would sit and daydream
Letting my imagination take me places.
I was hungry, they could not tell due to many faces.

Poverty I can’t take any more! Inside me there was war.
Misery loves company I got tears in my eyes.
Shooting stars I make a wish upon paper planes.
My heart desires the city light,
Tired of waiting so many years
When will the time be right?

Silent screaming
Got to run away from this captivity.
Wisdom graduated from the streets to varsity,
Drunk from the stream of knowledge
To them I was soft.
Mighty the pen but the sword was swift,
Their bravery evaporated like most.

Sweat, blood it’s hard in the location
Most give up feeling they are fighting a losing battle.
Baby needs nappies I got blood on my hands.
Where we are, few make it out alive
And only few get a chance.
Driven by social injustice
Our worst thoughts’ manifestation.
King to a slave, it’s a lost palace.