Life is like a rainbow
Where each day represents a colour
Where days are colourful and weekends bright
Where each day you hope for the next to be better
Life to me is colourful
I relate with my colours
Red, Black and Grey are my agony, depression and anger
Blue, Green and Yellow are my happiness, sunshine
My life is my rainbow
Where seasons and colours are all I can relate to
Find your colour and then you will know your life
Be bright
Be courageous
Get angry
Find happiness and most of all fall in love
Because at the end of each rainbow is a pot of gold
Be wise and enjoy your ride
In life you lose some or you gain some
So look forward to seeing what is at the end of your rainbow
And there you will find love
Because for me life is a Rainbow.

(The poem was a winning entry in The Sozo Foundation’s 2019 Poetry Competition.)