You chose me from all the girls around
You wanted me not them
You made me think I was special enough
Good enough
Beautiful and Loved.
Why me?

You said you loved me
You said there was no one else
You said I was the only one
I believed you
I trusted you
I loved you
But why me?

I gave you my heart
I gave you my time
I gave you the attention
I gave you my love
I gave you my all
But why me?

I was a fool
A fool for you
I was stupid
Stupid enough to love you
I was blind
Blind enough not to see your lies
I was deaf
Deaf enough not to hear your lies
But why me?

I loved you
I still love you
But why?
Why do I have to feel unloved
Stupid and Selfish

You don’t deserve me
I am love
I am loved
I deserve love
I deserve better
I deserve the best.