a metaphor
for so much
and so little (too)

everywhere all over
from Manenberg to Texas
in the ghetto of the mind

coming from Manenberg
a soccer team is lauded
they won over folks
though they did not
(they don’t always win)

here down South
it is said (pensively)
that the dogs and cats
all look sad

reflecting on their location
trash thrown everywhere
there are huge piles
where children play
(like we have another
planet to go to and destroy)

Yet they dream there
Yet there they dream
Yet they dare to dream there
Yet dream they dare
coming from Manenberg

where do you
come from
in the ghetto
of your mind

or other

“Soccer team lauded” (People’s Post Lansdowne edition, 17 April 2018). See, also, “Daring to dream while reflecting on struggles during road trip”, “Creating a better future for adolescent girls”, “Worrying gender gaps in sub-Saharan schools keep widening”, and “Global call to end child marriage” (Cape Times, October 12 2015).