Oh, my children please don’t cry,
Nothing stays forever,
Be patient as life now teaches us to wait,
Hold on there as the word of God will rescue us,
I believe in prayer that’s why I say,
This too shall pass,
And we shall go back to our lives again.

One might say, “It’s hard and there is no hope”
I would say you are stronger than that.
It’s just that you haven’t realised it yet.
Go deep in prayer,
Our God forgives,
He will forgive us as we’ve wronged him a million times.
Everyone had plans for the new year.
A lot of people wanted to change their wrongdoings,
But the universe said no.
God is the biggest planner after all.

Look at me, I want to go church,
I want to praise him with my church members
So that I will be encouraged, I will have mentors around
But I cannot.
I had all the time to worship him the right way,
But life was just a beautiful lie,
I was just blind to see it.

Hold on there,
I know you are frustrated,
But something good can come out of this,
Good relationships with your family.
Developing new things and finding yourself,
This too shall pass.