821.914 MAT
processed it is
into the system
(the dreaded system)

(Dr) James Matthews’
Gently stirs my soul
on a display shelf
at the Athlone library
courtesy of a mix-up

do I see Flames and Flowers
together with the works
of native writers in the field
(honouring locals for a change)

Gently stirs my soul
is there complete
with a library barcode
and other officialese
(a task well done)

(I guess a mix-up it was
as I (thought I) had lent it
to a fellow human there
mine in itself a gift
from a colleague-past
bought at a book launch)

821.914 MAT
on seeing it I utter
The Book Thief
a movie treat I had
some years ago

(no doubt you know
that it is Markus Zusak’s
dark and weighty tome)

Gently stirs my soul
stirs me and I boldly
request its return

return after all
is now
all in vogue

I amuse myself, I think, at the expense of the librarian-locals just down your street.