There is this feeling within me that won’t go away
I did not choose you but my heart did.
My eyes look at anybody who wants to look and
my heart did not choose to beat fast for any hearts
but my heart pumps blood so fast when I lay my eyes towards you.

Many people think that am crazy when I tell them that am deeply in love with you.
You are the oxygen that I breath
You are what my heart desires
You are the strength that lifts me up when I feel weak and lost
You are my sunshine that brings me light during the day and night

If I was the one who chose you, I would know when to let you go
But my heart chose you so I won’t let you go
I Love you with everything you have
I love you the way you are
But what I love the most about you is that
you don’t get to judge me and you love me back the way I am.

You bring me joy and happiness
You know how to make me smile when am down
You know my weakness but you my strength.
I did not choose you but my heart did.