When life knocks you down
When you feel like he has forsaken you
Like you are living in your own world
When you feel like everyone is watching you fall
There comes those sad memories
Memories that you thought you were over with
They come,come back to haunt you

When you feel so miserable
Like you’ve been abandoned by everyone
Even that person you thought you knew
He/she never seem to care
You just feel like no one cares
There comes a thought
Suicide,you think it will set you free
Forgetting that you’l go to hell

That moment when life seem so unfair
When that bastard who made you pregnant denies
The embarrassment of being denied
The thought of aborting that innocent life
Not even yet a zygote but still an embryo

That moment when you feel like that one person you love most has forgotten you
When you see that person you love most
Walking along with someone else
Suddenly you feel like your heart has been ripped off
Or it has been crashed into pieces
When you feel like you’ve been crashed by a train
When that past comes back to haunt you
Feeling like you could cry out loud
Feeling like you’ve been tortured by those scary thoughts

Awkward isn’t?

That moment when you find out
That she/he is cheating on you with your friend,brother or sister
That moment when you hear that
That last person you spoke with last night didn’t wake up,he/she was found dead
That good friend of yours you share everything with,has been sleeping with that person of yours you love most
When she/he dumps you for that low-life with no future
Sad isn’t?

Yeah nhe life sucks us in different ways!