Death be
Not shallow or proud
Nor boastful or loud
When you rise from beneath
Or when you come around
Descending from above

Do be not over-consumed
With anger, spite, or hate
With a deadly hunger to taste
The lively and vivid lives of those

But be
Lively, vivid, and vibrant
When 6, strikes the clock
And my door bears your knock
For it will be not locked

Do then come inside
With a shiny smile
And wide open arms
As you follow the red carpet
And the aromatic scent
Towards the dining room
Where you’ll join her and me
In our last lovely supper

Before she and I lie embraced
In a bathtub full of roses,
Pills, powders, and potions
That should wash and take away
Our skin colour, flesh, and blood
That will forever fall victim to
Biased judgements & prejudicial disapprovals
Of our family, friends and neighbours
Who only see black & white
And possibly a bleak future
When they see her and me together

Do then hold us by our shoulders
As you lead us not into the grave
But rather to the other side
Where both love and hate exist
But as long as skin colour is extinct
Then our love will never subside
No matter how long, far or wide
We’ll be from one another