I would have chosen to stay back home
I would have taken another route
I wish I hadn’t seen her
Seen her silky hair
Caressing her smooth shoulders
Or her belly button calling to me

Her eyes lit up with amazing wonder
As she laughed with her friends
I stood star struck

Take this moment
Far, far away from me
For it haunts my dream at night

I finally chose to confess my love
To tell her how I feel,
When her soft hand grazes over my jacket

To tell her of how I spend the day
Mostly looking at one spot
Daydreaming of what we could be

Like a knight, I strode with grace
Brushed back my hair
And flashed my most sexiest smile

I walked up to the princess of my dreams
The object of my affection
To sing a song of love to her

She laughed and threw her hair back
While tugging at my wrist
I was lost in an awful bliss

She raised her palm revealing her ring
“I’ve been taken,” she said, “but we can still be friends”
I stood, star-struck for the second time