Ah, sorry, shame on you
I know not what to say
Except to say, shame on you
Are you human or not?
How dare you have lost integrity?
Where is your conscience?
What happened to your humanity?
You call yourself a “father”?
Yet you abuse us your own children…your own blood?
We’ve tasted verbal, physical, emotional, financial And psychological abuses from you
You damaged and destroyed us God’s little angels
Innocent as love
Yet you call yourself a father
Ah’ what a father you are?

On pay days, we just have dreams,
Dreams of a so-called father
If we really miss you,
We’ve got to go from tavern A to Z, looking for you
What’s wrong with you Tata?
Granny washes her face with tears every night
Because all her endeavours are futile and void
Shame on you Tata
Granny’s grant funds cannot go beyond this limit
We sleep on half empty stomachs
From her grant money she gets, she has to send us to school
Oh God, granny has to pay our school fees
Water bills are her other nightmare
Not mentioning groceries and clothing

In our little shake, paraffin is equally precious as gold
We need to cook and we make our own electricity
I wish my mother still lives on
But anyway, I cannot blame God for allowing the course of nature
It is our entire final exit
As we all have one entry to earth-birth
So the exit is one too – death
So we are all born to die
Our dear dad has caused us all pain
We consider him non existent
He only comes home when he is broke
To trouble granny wanting a few cents
Few cents to play lotto and buy a few cigars

Oh, Tata, are you not ashamed of yourself
How dare you neglect your parental responsibilities?
Leaving them all for our sweet old granny to shoulder them?
Thank you God for keeping granny this long for us
We could be living in the street
When I become of age
I will treasure my granny as gold
But shame on you dad, let God take note and vindicate
Because my dad you are a SHAME.