Alone, you make me feel alone.
But how could I be alone
When I know that you want me too?
It’s all just a game to you, isn’t it?

Maybe I deserve all the pain
That you put me through.
We were born for each other
But rather than take my hand
And run with me into the sunset
You’d turn back and have me chase you.

I kept having to prove myself,
Over and over again
And to me you were worth it
So I walked through the coals for you
And finally things between us started to change,
We were getting somewhere,
We were becoming something,
And that began to frighten you.

You started letting go,
You wouldn’t say it but we could both feel it,
You started letting go
And I also started loosening my grip,
I loved you but didn’t believe me,
You wouldn’t believe me
And now I no longer have the fight left in me.
I don’t know what I’m fighting for anymore,
I don’t know if I should fight anymore.

You tell me that it’s supposed to be different this
But it’s always just the same.
The motions never change,
I feel like I’ll only be teased with the prospect
Of your love, never knowing if I’ll ever be able to attain it.
The proverbial carrot dangling before the horse’s face.

So we continue to dance,
You with denial,
Me with the fear of moving on from you.
So we are alone, together…
Built for each other by the stars
But kept away by our own fears
And fragile misconceptions.
We are alone.