You belong to another
You are not mine
And that is the fact
I can never have you
You are not mine to have
So what is it that I want from you?
Oh no wait
What is it that you want from me?
Why do you lead me on?
Why do you make all these empty promises?
Why do you bother with me?
When we both know that it’s her that you love
When we both know she breathes life into you
What does that make me?

What am I to you?
What do I mean to you?
Do I mean anything?
Anything at all to you?
I know I enjoy the time we spend together
The stolen moments that we share
Ever so short!
Never enough
It is like they are always over
Before they even begin
We always have to think about her
Her feelings, her time
But what about me?
When do you think of me?
When do you consider my time, my feelings?
Do they even matter to you?

I cannot talk about you
I can never mention you
Not to a single soul
No one can know, right?
I am sorry but I need to leave this unnatural affair
Or maybe I am not sorry
This affair is exhausting
It has drained me of all emotions
I don’t hate you
I don’t blame you really
I just need to leave you
Because my attachment to you
Is painful and unbearable
So all I can do is let you go