My heart was shattered into small pieces.
I knew then that my life had to end.
I thought for a second and came to an end.
Suicide was my answer, let my will be done.

I looked up to my rooftop and saw it as a perfect fit for my shattered soul.
I stood up and collected everything I’ll need.
A rope and a chair.
A pen and a pad.
I was dead in any case so what’s the reason to live?

The underground is waiting for me.
For my hands are stained with blood,
My fingers with guilt.
My lips have spoken falsely.
I have lived and it’s time I die.

A pen and a pad is what I have in my hand,
But a suicide note is what I have in my mind.
I hear heaven singing melodies to escort my dark soul
And hell groaning in hunger for my evil self.
Reality starts to kick in, this is how my life ends.
No more me, only my name and memories left.

I start writing the words “I HAVE LIVED”.
Those are my last three words to the world.
People’s cries were my laughter,
Their sorrows were my joy,
My death will be their peace.
A burning sensation in my neck
That is how my soul left my body.