When my feet danced in
Corridors of the home of
Academic freedom, my
Heart always knew that
I shall be a judge like a
My God in heaven

When I visited my blankets
Every night, my mind kept
On singing joyful tones
To the dreams that my
Education rested upon

When I tried to give up
On the dream that I planted
In my life, walls of the
Library kept on whispering
Into my ears that I must
Work hard to change my
Colours into a lawyer like
A chameleon

Now, here I am, justice is
Now who I am dating as I
Dress in this robe like a
Pastor, Justice is now the
Shield and not the sword
For raining tears in the
Eyes of my fellow human

My mouth now speaks
A language of innocence
In the eyes of the court
For I am now a saint

Justice is now my umbrella
When injustice tries to
Rain on my land like December

Justice is now my angel that
Bounces back injustice like
A ball when it knocks on the
Door of my pretty ears

For as equality embraces justice
My life shall embrace
Innocence in the hands
Of the beholder

Though crooked minds try
To feed my eyes with gold
And diamonds as it was done
With Judas Iscariot, my ears
Shall be deaf and my eyes
Shall be blind like the
Blind man that Jesus Christ
Healed in the Bible

But the world keeps on
Asking, is justice still justice
When you punish offenders
And respect their heartbeats?
The mouth of the constitution
Answers to say, justice is
Equity and not equality,
So while equity is white, equality
Is red

For justice is holy like the
Holy spirit, my life shall
Forever remain holy like
Jesus Christ

When justice stands still in
This warm heart of Africa,
The brave only seek retribution
For sims committed against
Them and their kinsmen

When justice lost its heart
In this country, the saviors
Shall hunt for its remaining
Soul like a hunter