Ticking away
at the Rylands Civic

a Chess Slam
is materializing with
the Friends of the Library

(you might agree
that one needs them
when times are dark
with legal bills to pay)

Ticking away
some are thrown
competing with a clock
for the first time

many youngsters
are here though just
far too few young girls

(children elsewhere
even on our doorstep
at risk from abuse war
poverty and malnutrition)

(16 Days of Activism now
seems a long way past)

Ticking away
the moments
that make up
an exciting day

one and all
are captured
by a very young one
at the advanced table

(her crew play out yonder
at the Crossroads Library)

a Chess Slam
young minds in training
are you training yours

Pink Floyd’s legendary ditty ‘Time’ comes to mind at the Rylands Library’s Holiday Chess Slam.