Life is full of secrets
Secrets we will take to the grave
Secrets the grave will contain with groans
For they are scary and haunting
Secrets of hurts, hates, rejection, betrayal…
No one can open the secret bag
It’s sealed in our hearts
Rejection and fear embrace us
They keep a grip on our mouths
We fail to open them to say, “We were raped,
Raped by our loved ones:
Raped by our fathers, brothers, my dear uncles…”
The heart is heavily burdened
With childhood secret wounds
We guard these secrets jealously
Fearing they will escape and run around
They are our past history,
Yet we are afraid of the secrets awaiting us in the future
Secrets of the unknown
We live in fear in this world
Fear of the unknown
It’s only the Almighty who can intervene for us
To unpack this secret bag
Oh help us God!