I chose to keep you in my circle
I trusted you as my friend
Hoping that one day
You will have guts
And see me for who I am

To give me appreciation
As well as I did not know
I have turned into your punching bag
But if I knew that
You will betray me,
You will turn your back on me.
You will turn to be so evil
I would have changed the ropes
While it was still early

Not having an idea
Is the same as being blind
I was blinded outside to see you
For who you really are
But I could hear and feel inside
That I was making a mistake
For keeping you close

Pride was taking control of my heart
It stood up against me,
And ran over me
Till it came to a point
Where I could not stand up for myself
I should have known better
That there were other people

Who cared about me
I should have been aware of my folks
Who always don’t sleep without texting me,
Calling to check up on me,
That would have removed all the wounds
That I’ am carrying now