Will it ever get better?
Will the dust ever settle?
The twilight will be introducing the real beginning of a new day
A day of lack of confusion,
I have dreamt of, but was never seen

To bear, my glimpse upon my enemies
A day to kill all the misfortunes
And cherish my sweeter bitterness
To provoke the peace I had upon every soul
It kills me, dead is my corpse, to rot

I still wonder if I’ll ever be
A soul of less hereditary
That one dream to rest
Not trailing my dream to be tailed
I saw flames, parental elected life.
I forgot church
I forgot not to praise my Maker
I will shine and kneel to Him.

For better days will come
He is the Lord of possibilities and change.
From ashes we shall rise again!
I will soldier on immensely
Upsurge alone!