I gave my heart to you.
I prepared my future with you.
I thought you were the girl of my dreams.
I sacrificed all my time for you.

It hurts enough seeing you walking away from me.
What hurts me most,
You went to another man’s arms.
It breaks my heart that you walked away from me.

Wasn’t my love enough for you?
Where did it go wrong?

I’m a failure when it comes to love.
I never thought I could lose a girl like you.
Where do broken heats go?

I hope he’ll give you the love you wanted.
I hope he’ll treat you the way you wanted to be treated.
I don’t deserve your love
But I hope he does.

I’ll try to move on,
Although it will be hard.
I hope I’ll get someone who’ll wash away this scab on my heart.
Someone who’ll wipe away my tears.

Sometimes I could have thoughts,
Thinking about our kissing moments in the rain
Our cozy moments at the park.
Our cuddling moments.

We used to cuddle until we call each other stupid romantic names.
We used to have cozy moments until we pillow-fight.

When you cried,
I wiped away your tears.
When I was in trouble,
You were my saviour.
Love can turn to be a dangerous game

I may let you go,
I may cry for you
I may have sleepless nights
Thinking of you.
But at the end I’ll get my joy again.
A singer asked,
Where do broken hearts go?

It’s hard to remove the pain caused by love.
No wonder people kill themselves,
But I’ll be stupid if I can do so.

I wish he’ll take care of you.
Treat you like a queen.
I hope he’ll take care of your heart like a new born baby.
I salute the time you’ve given me
Goodbye my love