If you were not you
and I was not me;
would there be distance
as the vast, open sea?

The factor of me
and the unit of you;
what are the chances of ones being two?

I respect you as you
and I like me as me;
but have you ever noticed
that girl in row three?

Me being me
and you being you;
will you consider
together we grew?

And while you are you
and while I am me;
are you that someone
who wants two to be three?

Here I am me
and there you are you;
can’t you feel it
my desire piercing through?

That time there was you
and not far away me;
what were you looking for and hope to see?

I stayed true to me
and never tried to impress you;
did you once notice
and that’s when you knew?

I saw the change in you
and hoped it was for me;
were you trying to show me
and make me see

Now there is more me
and so too of you;
my question was answered
when you saw your thoughts through.

A happy you
and a blissful me;
a marriage more perfect
when baby made three.