Rejection, rejection
Who are you that we fear
You so much? Who are you
That even our forefathers
Also feared you? They
Feared you to a point that
They ended up worshipping
Idols in the name of fitting
In itting in into the
Systems of this world.

Who are you that age does
Not matter to you? Who are you
That even race does not matter
To you? The children of Israel
You have led astray. You led
Them astray that they became
Blind while walking blind to
A point that they could not
See what the Lord their God
Was doing.

He delivered them from the
Egyptian but still they went
Astray he fed them with manna
But still they complained they
Could not be satisfied with
What the Lord God gave them
Because they wanted to be
Relevant to the times of today

Relevancy you the cousin of
Rejection you are killing
Our nation you are killing our
Nation that even Christians
Follow you they follow you
Because you taste as good as
Honey you taste as good as
Honey which reminds me of the
Promised Land Canaan

The land said to be flowing
With milk and honey relevance
Because of you my brothers
And sisters will not taste that

You have become a stumbling
Block for the children of God
You have become a hindrance
That even our pastors are
Entertaining you every week
In our churches you have
Turned the house of the Lord
Into a live performance show

Why, why rejection did you now
Introduce your cousin to us?
Now instead of doing things
In the name of the Lord we
Are doing things in the name
Of fitting in fitting in which
Does not bring glory to God but
Brings dissatisfaction

Rejection you have grown way
Too much in our lives why
Should we still fear you when
There is the Greater One to be
Feared I AM THAT AM, Yahweh,
Jehovah is His name the Son of
Man came into this world to give
Us life yet He was rejected by
His own people

Who are you to fear rejection
If the Greatest among the great
Was first rejected if He was
Rejected why do you fear
Rejection so much if you are
Caring His Image?

It’s about time as Christians
We take a stand and stop feeling
Comfortable in our comfort zones
We are so comfortable that it is
Not comfort anymore but death
If we are dying as Christians in
The name of fitting in and being
Afraid to be rejected then we have
Lost it we have lost it because the
World is waiting for the manifestation
Of the sons and daughters of the Most
High God

Paul was right when He said that
The Kingdom of God suffers the
Violence and the violent shall
Take it by force we are taking
The Kingdom by force and we are
Burying you rejection