Do we deserve to die,
Why should we lie,
Like everything is fine,
Truth is that this is a fight,
Woman & children are slaughtered,
Like wild animals,
But kuze kube nini?
Until this abuse stops,

Maybe we should cry blood,
Maybe our tears are not enough,
Kuze kube nini?
Ngibuza wena malume wami?
You should be my Protector,
But you are the predator,
You are the Rapist,

On the street they say you are kind,
When they see you they smile,
But I when I see you I cry a river,
I know horror is about to happen,
Because behind the closed doors,
You are just a rapist,
Tell me how do you feel,
When you rape me?
When I cry with pain,
Don’t you feel ashamed,
Tell me it was romantic?
To me it was traumatising,

Ngithi kuze kube nini?
I’m talking to you,
Don’t look away,
Ngithi kuze kube nini?
Until this abuse stops,
We feel so abducted,
Who can save us from this miserable life,
I say kuze kube nini?


We are very concerned for the safety of all our readers and writers. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to people. LifeLine has a free number you can call to speak to someone who understands: try 0861 322 322 or 021 461 1111. The pain doesn’t have to last forever, you can get help.