You were like a stranger to me
I never knew you
We saw each other just once
But inside you, I found a golden heart
Full of love and care

I remember when I was alone,
Crying, desperate, confused
Seeking brotherly help,
Because I didn’t have one
To call my brother

You came from nowhere
You looked at my eyes
Smiled and wiped my tears
You kissed my forehead and hugged me
You said stop crying your brother is here
And everything will be OK

Now you are far from me
But I feel your presence every day
You hardly sleep every night,
Without knowing how I’m doing
You wake me up early morning,
Asking how was my night

How much can I pay you
I want you to stay forever, I want you on my side
With a smile, you said to me, my sister
I’m paying you with my life
I’m here to stay with you, I am your brother

As I was still surprised, you looked at me and said
My colours are real
Don’t be afraid, I won’t harm you
I’m here because I have to be
I am your brother