Rain man, Rain man, Rain man.
Pour out your rains to wash
all the evil away. So much
Hatred roams the earth,
Love seems to be the forgotten
Dream which has lost its worth.

Police brutality used as a
Amunition for war. The red
And blue colours from the police
Car light up the sky and have
The innocent and defenseless
Shouting why?

Blue eyes stare within my soul
And leaves me racially intoxicated,
I think am high. Why do they hate
Us to the point where we end up
Hating ourselves, I question.

I meditate day and night trying to
Figure out why they are aroused
By entitlements and superiority
Complex. Is hatred the only
Purpose they bear in their hearts?

The institutions that were meant to
Stimulate my perception of freedom
Has failed me because of my melanin
Skin. Sadly white privilege rules, and
That is just deception.

Love is all we need. As we raise our
Hands and perform the rain dance,
Let your spirit of love leave us in a
Trance. Rain man, Rain man, Rain man
Pour out your rains to wash the evil

“In order to understand love, we need
To question the hatred
We bear within our hearts”. – Brendon Tawanda Takarinda.