I’ve written a couple of verses
that many still curse
to their deaths.
Many gave birth
just to pay off their debts.
I know many children
who live off social grant money
but are never granted what’s due to them.
They still walk barefoot,
they still beg for food
that is due to them.

I once wrote
and I quote:
“I write to
right the wrongs”
Same as many songs
by Jermaine Cole.
Whenever I’m tied against the pole,
I dig myself a hole
to hide myself from the world.
Then burst into tears
as Jermaine speaks
on life with no

is a sudden change of heart.
The one who suffers the most
from the hands of the devil
are those that broke free from evil.
You see,
love is evil.
It may leave you possessed,
obsession may drive you
to the edge.
Break free from love,
remain kind,
keep your mind
in mind.
Leave your heart behind,
it’ll get you killed.