On this night, before you God,
I kneel and sob
My hands are glued with sweat
I am consumed by regret
I pray you cleanse them of Satan’s food
It is sin I speak of
Humbled am I now by it
I yearn to be proper and fit,
To serve, and to not in the face of evil, quit
Strip me of worldly possessions,
Absolve me of these humanly obsessions
They stifle my religious potential
I’ve come to know your word as essential
On this night before you God
I feel the fog
That had, for all these years, clouded my sight;
Enveloped my belief into obscurity
I know now that even endeavours for purity
Have never been beyond reach
Your spirit has re-awakened while I am at the peak
Of an ordinary man’s strength
I now pray you speak
In my ordinary-man’s language
And expel this anguish
Like a needle’s prick
To the hardened surface under which pus festers,
If not,
Then I lie ready to meet my ancestors,
But only if your will commands it