The measures of time came to
Stand rest as forth besieged
Cries of misery. Thy loved
Republic stare astonished
The slain that fell upon thee.

Oh shall ye cry for ever,
Not heard! Marikana, Marikana,
Marikana woke them those who
Fell upon thy dust.

Misery not fortune followed us.
It’s pitiful of life, in this
Country, in this era. Their
Bullets cock-a-hoop of the
Capitalists that won’t have
Adequate. Who’s better today
Who was not yesterday!.

Cold death marked, and you
Fell on thee dust. Marikana
Cant quaff this blood, take
It home. Your children will
Never forget. Your people
Will always remember. When
Africa is with you, you are
Never alone.

The savage killing the slain
Of our life time the massacre
we live to remember. Least it
Knows the end isn’t yet. The cry
Is on, the struggle continue!