When does the pain go away?
When the loss remains.
When the past can’t be changed.
What does one do?
Does one forget?
Does one feel numb?
For the scars stay fresh.
And the void goes deeper.

I ask.
As tears fall down my eyes like a waterfall.
As my heart shatters into million pieces.
Scattered all over the floor like an unsolved puzzle.

What do I do?
Where do I go?
Who do I become?

I am lost in the darkness.
And broken.
And torn.
And miserable.
I am devastated.
You are gone like yesterday.
That will never change.
So what now?
Do I forget?
Do I accept the fact that I will never see you again?
Do I move on?
Do I pretend like I will be fine one day?
As if the pain will someday vanish.

Truth is, I will never be fine.
Yes, I will be strong.
But, the truth will always hurt…