We’ve got different opinions
We know what’s right and wrong
We know love and evil
We know the balance
We know we’re loving people
We have a price
We have our own perceptions
We need to respect one another
We need to focus on building each other consistently
Learn together
Understand each other

Experience love and compassion
Not shy away from challenges
Doing what your heart truly desires
Coz your energy is designed for happiness
God given soul knows heaven
Create your heaven through love
That’s destiny
Liberate your spirit
From negativity

Take a deep breath
Replay all the read words
Store them to your memory
Coz it’s supa-dupa
Happiness is good
Laughing is terrific
Understanding others is uplifting
Reading is knowledge
Nothing is impossible
Good is powerful
Kissing is life changing
Having love by your side
Makes you appreciate
Your life even more
Having positive friends
Gives you positive energy

Chasing a dream
Gives you talent
Refusing procrastination
Bears you fruits
Loving yourself
Finds you love
Learning is unique
It opens your mind
Gives you different perspectives
You are the mastermind
Of your ideology
Don’t be quiet
Be counted
As time passes
You’ll meet people
Who share your sentiments
Who understand you
Whom you’ll create a frequency with

Haters are out there
And supporters
But your journey
Is fundamental

I know you understand
Coz we are one