I have closed my eyes having hopes for tomorrow.
I have dreamt of my tomorrow,
I thought my tomorrow would be better
Not knowing that it would be different.
I thought I knew my tomorrow

Tomorrow is denying us a chance
Chance to reap what we sow

I it my thoughts or what?
No, a newborn would even be aware
The universe is sanctioning individually
By denying us a chance to live
A chance to see our future
A chance to complete what we have began
A chance to exuberate

Oh! Oh! Oh! What a globe we live on

We are glancing at our tomorrow
Glancing at it entering a dark cave
With our deeds and our lives
And we call out for help, but
We are all losing our tomorrow

The universe is not cruel
We as the organisms we are
Throwing away our tomorrow
Our deeds brought us cumulonimbus
With rain not to bless us.

Is it our sins?
Oh! Well, biblically it is
Christians say it is as well
If that’s the case
Why are we not repenting then?