When I first saw you,
It was just like seeing other people
Then I started seeing you all the time
Eventually that’s how I felt like this

It’s how I got this feeling
I then saw you with her,
But I didn’t give up
I was willing to fight for you
Finally! You had an eye for me
Then of cause you asked me out
And I said yes
With joy and delight

I got a room in your heart
Just a special one for me
That room is still filled with my love
And it’s still got an owner, mna

That room will always be mine
And when you feeling down
Feeling invisible or when feeling alone
You know where to search

Igumbi lam
Ndikhumbula uthando lwakho
Ndikhumbula izinto esasizenza
Ndikhumbula wena, nayo yonke into
Ndikhumbula negumbi lam