Everything that has been happening to me
Always Has something to do with you the
messages I send, the people I speak to,
The stories I tell, and whatever I eat
Reminds me of you when I sit, think of
You, see your lookalike,see your images,
Think of your smile, I get goosebumps,
after goosebumps after shivers
After goosebumps I love you.

These hands, don’t feel well without
Yours aressing them. These eyes,
Don’t see without you, these legs
Feel tired when you aren’t there,
This body, feels like a corpse,
Like it’s not tall enough to be it,
And these lips, feel like a desert,
Without yours caressing, swerving,
Licking, massaging, exchanging emotions
Through a sloppy wet kiss, I love you.