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I hate u
Jordan · 2 years ago
Dude your the best writer. You should publish these stories on famous publishing companies
Faaz Ubic · 2 years ago
Distracted love was so emotional very beautiful...im so sorry by your writing style i thought you were a girl but you arent
Boo · 3 years ago
I don't care about the comments, anyway,I really liked your story/essay;"Distracted love." So keep it up dawg 👊👍🤟
Dave Matt · 3 years ago
Dude stop the lies you are spreading man anime does not symbolize satan stuff it sometimes that doesn't belong God side nor the devil side it fall between them
Kai Smith · 4 years ago
Am Christian by the way
Bless boy · 4 years ago
I thank you for telling you these people how bad anime is. But they won't listen!!!!
Blessings Sumaili · 4 years ago
Don't recommend him at all
DeathAvoCat · 4 years ago
The lies that this guy is spreading and the hate and shade he throwing on anime is sooo messed up🥱
DeathAvoCat · 4 years ago
Hi I read your anime symbolizes satan article and I'm wondering, did you tell your friends about your lion vision before you saw the lion on the popcorn?
Mikk · 4 years ago
I was really interested in one of your essays which was about satanic symbols in anime , now I can see the problem is world wide and help me more to do something about it and discuss the matter further more I'm Muslim by the way thank you for sharing the subject it was great article I want to speak with you please contact me via email my email is hud.adnan@yahoo.com
Kurdistan0001 · 5 years ago