Came into this world so pure, from your yolk.
I’m sure you couldn’t wait……
Have you known better you would have stayed?
But the tempting sun took your breath away,
you had to come.
Your shell became smaller, you had to breathe
and so you came, as pure as water from a well.

See this world is cruel; it’s an error,
it will shrink and shred all you saw from the mirror.
This world will crush you and make you trash.
If you lucky, mum will wish you well.

Sooner or later, you will see that life’s not fair
and lose a feather.
It won’t be fun you won’t be a fan either.

Death will come.
If you survive the hawks, I’ll eat you,
save you from this world and serve you for dinner.
Have you known better, you would have stayed.