On this triangular prison
My hands reached for you
I am stuck on this front surface
Revealed to the world

You hid
Turned your back on me
Left me to confront this brutal world of yours
On a pyramid

On a pyramid
I invoked my senseless soul
Reaching the nearest edge
I leaped to see what was happening on the other side
I saw people dressed in yellow and white
They were praising
Singing in triumph
They seemed to be in world of harmony
So I was given a seat
Just in time I drenched to their remarkable spirit
I became electricity running through their sacred circuit
They provided me a celestial light
I found myself a place to live
On this pyramid
I stretch to reach you
Your door was closed
Left a note
“Try next door my child, you shall come back to me”
I trusted you
So I went next door

On this pyramid
I profoundly stretched my muscular arms
Here I find a Zeolous, Ambitious, Hopeful, An inspiring,
Revivalistic and Admirable skirt
When I left the skirt
I was contagiously infected by her persona

I came back to you
Your door was widely open for me
You laid a red carpet with gold footprints on it
I ran to you
And you held me close
You loved me
Told me you were watching my movements all along

I asked what was your reason to let me live on this enigmatic pyramid
You said you were its builder
It all belongs to you

Look on top
What do you see?
I said I see a burning light
You said the light belonged to me
The light belongs to you
On this pyramid